5 Common Misconceptions About Charity Mobile Phone Contracts

Mobile technology is at the forefront of changing how charities operate day to day – it seems that every day there is a new app to help your team collaborate better or a new way to engage your service users! Does your charity have burning questions about finding the right charity mobile phone contracts? Maybe you’re concerned about hidden costs, a lack of time to spend on getting set up or maybe you’re worried you lack the technical know-how to get started. Here we break down some of the common misconceptions we come across when helping charities find the best charity mobile phone contracts.

Misconception 1: You need to be a registered charity to get a great mobile deal

You might be wondering if your organisation has the right kind of structure to get a great mobile deal or if you will be eligible for making savings. GoodCall works with all kinds of non-profit organisations and you do not need to be a registered charity to be eligible for our support. We also work with a whole range of non-profit organisations that include the following categories:

  • Voluntary or unincorporated associations
  • Company limited by guarantee
  • Trusts
  • Community Interest Companies and other social enterprise structures
  • Established Community Groups
  • Churches and other non-profit religious organisations

We work as an advocate with the networks on behalf of non-profits to ensure you are getting the best deal – we can help you understand if your organisation’s structure is the right fit and what you can do to make technology more accessible for you.

Misconception 2: Managing a charity mobile phone contract is really complicated, it’s easier and cheaper for our charity to use our own mobile phones

The rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies during successive lockdowns has meant many charity staff and volunteers are currently using their own personal mobiles – this is something we have come across quite often! It’s important to remember that having staff and volunteers bring their own devices presents its own kind of risks – including data protection, privacy and security. Particularly if your organisation handles sensitive personal information or works with vulnerable people. Read this great guide from the National Cyber Security Centre here. 

There can also be a lack of uniformity in devices meaning that staff can be using different operating systems and cloud software might not work across the board. It is also much more difficult for employees to keep track of expenses and retrieve any lost data – keeping your data safe and secure is a priority for many organisations.

It might seem like an upfront expense but when you choose to work with GoodCall, we send you one easy bill and help you keep on top of your usage. We may also be able to provide you with a hardware fund to significantly eliminate the upfront cost of handsets. We take the stress of account management out of your hands, so you can focus on doing good.


Misconception 3: There will be lots of hidden contract costs and nasty surprises

One of the major ways charities are being overcharged for their mobiles is that they are not on the right plan for their data usage. No wonder many organisations are suspicious or wary about taking out charity mobile phone contracts if they have had a negative experience where they were put on an expensive business plan that far outstripped their real usage! This means you could incur high levels of spending if your users go over their allocated data allowance.

By working with a non-profit like GoodCall, we advocate on your behalf with the network to ensure you are getting the best deal and we help you manage your contract costs for the duration of the contract, so you’ll never get a nasty surprise!

We will keep in touch at every stage of the process to alert you to any sudden changes or spikes in your usage, giving you advice on how to handle this. We will also ensure that your contract meets your current and expected needs, supporting you with the flexibility to add on more lines during the contract term. We also offer bolt-ons and support with adjusting your spend caps to ensure you never face a sudden bill.

Misconception 4: We need top of the range smartphones to get the benefits of mobile technology

This is a common misconception we hear from charities that are looking to open a phone contract for the first time. What is more important to think about is how your staff or volunteers will be using their phones day to day – do they need to take high-quality photos for social media? Do they need to keep a track of volunteers or operate a lone working policy? These factors are more important in deciding a great value handset for the organisation.

Understanding how your phones will be used will ensure you get the right handset that seamlessly fits in with your existing technology set-up, ensuring you get the right charity mobile phone contracts for your needs.

GoodCall can support you to understand your project needs or the needs of your staff to ensure the smartphone you choose is the right fit for your charity mobile phone contracts. If you don’t need the flashiest or newest upgrade to get the most impact out of your phones, we simply won’t recommend them!


Misconception 5: We’ll need new numbers, so we might miss vital calls from our service users

This myth can be busted as it is possible to keep your current numbers if you want to. Setting up a new mobile system is a great time to take a look at your numbers and think about whether you really need all of them.

One of the advantages of new mobile solutions over the traditional dial-in landlines is that you can use the same number across multiple devices, so you can handle calls on the go, anywhere. We know that every call is important to the charities we work with, so GoodCall can help you ensure a smooth transition process. With the right charity mobile phone contracts in place, you’ll never miss those vital calls.


Misconception 6: Your charity doesn’t need to pass a credit check

There is a common misconception that you can get charity mobile phone contracts without passing a credit check. A credit check is a view of credit accounts associated with the organisation in the past and whether repayments have been made on time. As part of our service, we will perform a credit check on your organisation’s behalf with the network provider. This is a standard procedure for taking out any mobile phone contract – we can help guide you through the process.


At GoodCall, we can support your charity to deliver impact through mobile solutions. We provide bespoke support and advice to help you make the most of your technology. We hope you enjoyed this article on common misconceptions around charity mobile phone contracts. We’re interested to hear your thoughts around making technology more sustainable, and the impact this could have on your charity. Get in touch with us here or call Elaine on 07535 396 882.

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