Attention Non-Profits: Your Mobile Usage Data is a Gold Mine

Every day, we are discovering new ways to use and share information. Understanding your data through analysis can help organisations gain valuable insight and make fact-driven decisions to secure their future. As organisations seek to widen their digital footprint and grow their presence online, the ways in which they use mobile devices is changing and growing rapidly. We know being at the forefront of this is especially important for our non-profit customers who often heavily rely on funding, fundraising and volunteered time to deliver their charitable aims. In this article we want to explore the ways that you can turn your data into an asset – and how GoodCall can help you to do this.

Smarter decision making

Many charities say that when they do collect the right kinds of data, they don’t have the time to analyse it properly (NPC, 2017). This doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to your mobile fleet. Creating meaning from facts and evidence is so important in an increasingly data driven world. Organisations are using it to streamline their spending and processes. We can help you understand your usage and make this actionable for your team. Our dedicated account management services will alert you to unusual sudden changes in usage, to keep your spending under control. It also gives you power to set limits and caps across your fleet. It can help you understand if you would need further add-ons such as international roaming.

Manage and identify the risks

When choosing a mobile communications provider, you are often tethered to longer-term contracts and agreements. Understanding the hidden value in your data has never been more important. We believe harnessing your data can create a sustainable strategic advantage for our non-profit customers – it can help future-proof your organisation. It can help you improve your communications strategy and understand the lifetime value of your handsets and mobile contract, as well as the savings you could be making over time. This mitigates against hazards of spiraling tariff costs.

We also understand that data sharing presents its own set of risks. You may be wary of sharing your usage information with suppliers – we understand why. We believe some of the current practices and lack of clarity have created mistrust. When GoodCall ask for your data, we want you to understand how we use it – and why this can have substantial benefits for you. However, you can be sure your data is safe with us. We will never sell it to a third party, and the systems in which it is stored are GDPR compliant and are in line with the latest regulations.

Real savings for you

Due to a lack of transparency and fluctuating pricing, we believe it’s can be really difficult for customers to know if they are overpaying for mobile services. This can be a sales tactic and can quickly lead to overspend. Using your data, our team will provide you with an accurate picture of the usage across your fleet in an easy-to-understand format. We have managed to save some of our customers up to 40% on what they were currently paying by presenting them with real results. This could mean thousands of pounds are hidden in your data. We want those saving to feed back into your organisation and help you to achieve your goals.

At GoodCall, we want to unlock the value of your organisation’s existing data. We have invested in software and tools that help us visualise exactly how much data, minutes and texts you are using. It’s important for us to have this information. It ensures that we can provide a quote that is tailored to your specific requirements so that you avoid paying for services you simply don’t need. If you would like to find out more about the data analysis we carry out, please contact

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