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Emmanuel House is a homelessness charity based in Nottingham city centre providing day services to homeless and vulnerable people as well as a 1-1 support to help individuals reach their full potential. Emmanuel House supports the most vulnerable citizens in Nottingham without prejudice or judgment to tackle isolation, vulnerability, and homelessness. They strive to provide diverse and accessible services that meet basic needs and empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives.


Emmanuel House Centre Manager, Alastair Paylor, faced challenges in working with a private broker that had left him to deal with the network unsupported. This meant he couldn’t speak to anyone directly when they encountered a problem. The organisation found out about GoodCall online and thought they could benefit from some help and advice with their mobiles. Paylor said:

“We were looking to switch mobile provider as we had previously been with a private broker – but then the broker had bowed out part way through our contract term. So, I was left dealing directly with the network.

When we were using a broker actually it was the worst of the worst situations. The broker was difficult to get hold of and as a result we couldn’t get help directly. It was pretty frustrating, above all else I knew we were paying far too much money for our mobile phones – that’s why we wanted to switch.”

The GoodCall Solution

GoodCall set up 23 lines for the organisation and managed to make significant savings for Emmanuel House. Their mobiles are used across a wide range of roles, from project workers to managerial level. With changes to their services due to coronavirus restrictions, it has made it easy for the team to stay connected. The impact of Covid-19 has meant that their services have had to change quite drastically under the Government’s ‘Everybody In’ initiative in cooperation with local hotels. They have continued to provider up to 150 meals each day and provide much needed support. Paylor said:

“I found GoodCall really easy to work with, they listened to what our needs were and presented information in a way that was really accessible and easy to understand. The monthly reports have been very useful, they are summarised in a quick email, so if you’ve got lots of things to do you can see that there is nothing alarming you need to investigate.”


Not only are the Emmanuel House benefitting from a fairer and more transparent deal, but they saw the value in working with a social enterprise supplier. Their team can stay in touch easily, especially as they have had to adapt their day services due to coronavirus restrictions, moving to an appointment basis. Paylor said:

“Access to mobile phones is key for our organisation as many of our staff work remotely and outside of the centre at the moment. It helps them communicate within their teams but also with clients as well.  For staff who work inside the centre it gives us a direct line.

We have definitely saved money. Choosing a social enterprise was important because whenever I’m sourcing new contracts and providers, I’m really looking for specialists in the third sector. It is who we are trying to work with because they will understand us more than other types of providers.”


“One of the very positive aspects of working with GoodCall was the very generous hardware fund – it means we’ve been able to replace broken handsets and order them very quickly and easily. Anything we’ve needed or wanted to know; we’ve been able to get in touch and find out. I would definitely recommend GoodCall to other third sector organisations.”

Alastair Paylor, Centre Manager at Emmanuel House

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