GoodCall Analysis Explained: How we use your data and why

At GoodCall, we believe in the value of detailed data and facts to deliver tangible savings for our customers. We know there is a lack of regulation and transparency in the mobile market – last year the mobile phone networks overcharged UK businesses and consumers an estimated £7.6 billion (Billmonitor 2020). We think our non-profit customers deserve better, with a fair and easy to understand assessment of their mobile needs. Here are the 5 simple steps we take to provide detailed analysis and advice:

1. Analysing your existing bill, comparing your usage against all the available tariff and contract combinations from the networks.

Our team will use fact-driven analysis to gain insight into your existing mobile usage data. This helps us discover how you actually use your mobile phones by looking at your existing usage. This reveals which contract features (data, minutes, texts and additional add-ons such as international roaming) you under and overuse – showing exactly where you’re being overcharged. We also use a postcode checker to make sure you are getting the best levels of network signal and coverage on location, at home, the office or on-the-go. Using this information, we will compare your requirements against all the available tariffs and bundles from the major networks. This helps us find the very best tariff and bundle combination to match your organisation’s real usage needs and maximise savings.

To perform our analysis, our team will ask for your existing billing login details to access your usage data for the past 3 months.This will save you time and hassle because this information is complex and hard to retrieve by providing us with the login details, we take away those pains for you.  We only use this information for analysis – absolutely nothing else. We won’t try to up-sell or undercut based on cost. If you have concerns about privacy, we can offer an extra layer of protection using a non-disclosure agreement.

At GoodCall, our most important asset is our relationship with our charity and social enterprise customers. We are committed to our privacy practices and the strength of our systems-based security. Our systems and procedure comply fully with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We hold, process, manage and erase data in accordance with the GDPR. We also act in accordance with Ofcom’s telecoms regulations, standards and specifications as a mobile telecoms provider.

2. Your free summary of our findings that clearly show your potential savings and helpful actionable advice.

Our team will send this to you and then get in touch with you to talk you through the initial findings and recommendations in a simple and informative way. We’ll explain exactly where you’ve been overcharged and will suggest some options to start saving money. We’ll also discuss specific handsets, networks and tariffs that would be the most suitable for your needs. From this discussion we want you to have a clear picture of your needs and the savings we can offer you in a transparent and unbiased way.

3. We will then work on your behalf to secure the best deal with the networks, whether you are approaching the end of your contract or out of contract. If we find that you are already on the best possible tariff, we will never recommend a contract or network that isn’t the best option for you.

This is the part of the process that we really take pride in at GoodCall. This is where we put our analysis to work to make real savings for our charity and social enterprise customers – so you can return those savings to your beneficiaries. We act as an advocate on your behalf to negotiate and secure the best value for you with the major mobile networks. At GoodCall our social enterprise mission is to make sure the unique needs of non-profits are met by mobile suppliers. With no conflict of interest or profit motive, you can be assured that a tariff or contract isn’t right until it’s the perfect fit for you.

4. Once you choose a contract with GoodCall, you can expect a hardware fund, dedicated account management and bill monitoring services across the lifetime of your mobile contract.

Your needs come first – no matter the size of your charity or social enterprise we can deliver an account management solution that fits you. We also return benefits directly through a hardware fund which can bring down or eliminate entirely the up-front cost of your mobile handsets – or return this in cash if you would prefer.

We believe in being as transparent as possible and using real data to put spending decisions back into the hands of our clients. For smaller scale accounts we give you access to your billing information through the mobile network’s online portals. For larger scale accounts we can offer an industry-standard bill management system to put you in control of your spending, as well as a dedicated account manager. No matter the size of your organisation, you will always be able to get in touch with the team if you have a question or run into a problem.

5. We will inform you of your renewal dates well in advance so that you are fully in control of the process – with no surprise fees when it comes to managing your upgrade or renewals for your mobiles.

 We understand that mobile is an investment. When the time comes for you to renew or upgrade, we won’t use hard selling tactics to get you to stay with us. We believe in data and facts – so at no cost to you, we’ll analyse your usage again to make sure you’re still getting the best possible deal. If we find there is a better tariff out there for you – we’ll make sure you’re on it. The rest is up to you. It’s really important to us to build trust and be a champion for the non-profit sector by making sure you are still getting the highest standard of service and lowest-cost mobile solutions available.

If you have any further questions about our analysis process or how we use your data, you can submit an enquiry via this website or email the team at

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