Guest Blog: Claire Grainger on Why PR is Vital for Charities Now

At this time, effective communication is more important than ever. Our guest blog today comes from Claire Grainger, who is working to support organisations with their PR during this challenging period. With over 20 years’ experience and a wealth of media contacts, Claire can position your organisation directly in front of your key audiences, become an integral part of your team and positively contribute to your business growth and reputation.

“As you all know, we are currently working in an ever-changing landscape, both at work and at home. It’s uncertain and concerning for almost everyone and charities, in particular, face particularly challenging times.

However, there are opportunities if you look for them, and plan.

As a PR consultant, I generally spend my working week promoting my clients, generating exposure in the local and national press, trade magazines, broadcast media and online. I also write blogs, e-newsletters and create clean, engaging copy for websites.

Yes – some (but not all) organisations reduce their activities and events, pro-active promotion is changing.

However, this is an opportune time to sit back, consider your core objectives and reflect on how to work smarter, do things differently and think out of the box.

While doing so, it’s paramount that you don’t lose your captive audiences. After all, this is a temporary situation and, eventually, your activities, events, services, training, whatever it is you do, will ramp up once again. It is therefore crucial that you keep your target audiences engaged in the interim, keep your website content fresh and your social media activity buoyant, fresh and engaging, driving more traffic back to your website and building your profile during this period.

Perhaps your charity’s ‘new normal’ may also have PR potential, with scope to generate some press or media coverage on how you’re adapting and supporting your beneficiaries in this new world.

Hey, you might even grow or attract new funding in the process, leading to new projects and opportunities in the months ahead!

If you need help talking to your clients or beneficiaries, proactive or reactive press statements or fresh and engaging website copy to keep your stakeholders updated, please get in touch.”

You can get in touch with Claire Grainger on 07912 324 264 or at her website –

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