3 Simple Ways Small Charities Can Make the Most of Mobile

Mobile is building an increasingly connected future – so how can your small charity be part of it? Digital can be challenging even for large and well-established organisations but it’s important to remember embracing new technology doesn’t need to happen overnight! For small charities, smartphones and mobiles can be used very creatively by smaller organisations to make a real difference and can be a testbed for your organisation to find digital solutions that work for you. Here are some easy ways your small charity can take advantage of smartphone technology that’s already at you (and your service users) fingertips.

Connecting with Service Users

Mobile technology can help empower your service users by helping them be more independent, for example researching information online, sharing experiences and connecting with friends and family as well as accessing your services. It can also overcome traditional barriers to access such as location, mobility and time – making it easier than ever for you to connect with your service users in a space they feel comfortable.

Video calling offers a great way to connect with community services and groups, attend appointments, meet new people, and learn skills all from the comfort of their homes. Mobile devices can offer the ability to learn life-enhancing technology skills and opportunities, which can help support local communities and economies.

Consider how you could potentially reach more beneficiaries by offering video calls or online groups or workshops, and how useful it would be for your service users to have the skills needed to use a mobile device. You could also offer a text service or mobile helpline, encouraging people to advocate for themselves and receive direct support.


Social Media

More and more charities have been using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, but many organisations don’t know how to use this to its full potential. There are many benefits that an active social media presence can provide charities.

Via mobile social media, you can reach wider audiences, understand trends and engage with the users of their services where they are online. It can help you bridge the gap between your target group and your organisations and social media is a great way to share the story and reconnect with your mission.

Sharing photos, service user stories and giving a behind the scenes look at the work of your organisation can all be done and shared from the comfort of your mobile phone. If you want to take a deeper dive into how your small charity could benefit from mobile social media, check out our handy downloadable guide ‘TikTok for Charities’ here.

 Mobile Donations

In an increasingly mobile world, it has been increasingly necessary for organisations to offer quick and easy donation and payment methods. For smaller charities this can be as simple as using a mobile app. As donor habits change, it is important to consider how your organisation could make the most of mobile. Embracing mobile ready donation apps such as JustGiving and PayPal can make it even easier for donors to connect with your cause in a few taps. Exploring ‘tap and go’ options where individuals can make donations at any event is a great way to test the water.

Build a Community

There are a whole range of apps and online communities that want to help the public connect with non-profits. You can create dedicated online groups that help them interact with your cause – for free and from the comfort of your smartphone. Use apps like Hivebrite and Slack to moderate discussions on issues that mean the most to you and your supporters. There are also spaces for skill-building, sharing expertise and new ideas with like-minded charity professionals – all while on the go. Examples of this include Charity ConnectLinkedIn and the multitude of charity-focused Whatsapp groups. Apps like Do-it can help your organisation access a pool of new volunteers and Neighbourly helps the public find volunteer projects in their local area.



At GoodCall, we can support your charity to deliver impact through mobile solutions. We provide bespoke support and advice to help you make the most of your technology. We’re interested to hear your thoughts around making technology more sustainable, and the impact this could have for your charity. Get in touch with us here or call Elaine on 07535 396 882.

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