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This isn’t your typical FAQ page. This is the type of FAQ where we discuss the REAL concerns you have. You’ll be able to find answers to questions that you genuinely want to know and will help you in your decision making.

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EE are our preferred partner, we have a long-standing relationship with EE and have negotiated THE best costs for our charity and social enterprise customers. We also work with O2 and Vodafone also at industry leading terms.

EE’s is the top performing network operator in the UK according to the latest RootMetrics 2019 study. This will be 6 years in a row that EE has come top! EE’s coverage, like all the other UK networks, will have areas of good coverage and areas of bad coverage. As part of our due diligence, we will check the coverage of EE, and other networks, at your home/office address; we will only offer you a network’s proposal if you get a reliable mobile signal from that network.  EE has other products such as Wi-Fi calling and EE Signal Boxes that will boost signal in your location. But rest assured the correct Network will be supplied for your bespoke requirements

There’s no charge in the analysis element of our service. We have invested in the best analytics which allows the correct plan to be selected at the best rate.

We can look to upgrade you from 1 month prior to your contract ending. In special circumstances it may be worth upgrading earlier than this, but we’ll help guide you to the best solution.

Adding connections is easy to do, but please let us help you with this. We’ll often advise on the contract term to take out on the next connection with a view to having as many lines as possible available for upgrade at the same time. Removing connections will come at a cost from the network.

A sharer plan means one lead user has – for example – 100GB of data, they can share this data between colleagues rather than everyone having their own individual data allowance. This is often more cost effective when you have upwards of 5 connections on your account.

From our experience, networks do not focus on charities and social enterprises. They will treat you like any other customer and prioritise on making as much profit from you as possible. We only work with charities and social enterprises and we ourselves are a social enterprise so you will be dealing with experts, every day who are working in your best interests.

Yes! Reusing your current mobile phones is a great way to save money. Handsets are only “free” because their costs are added to your monthly price plan; if you do not need any new equipment, we can look for cheap and cost-effective SIM-only price plans that could save you on your monthly line rental. However, your device may be locked to your current network, so you may need to contact them first.

The choice is yours. If you feel that your current phone may not last long, we will advise what devices are available to you now.  Alternatively, if the plan allows for a new phone you can ask for it at any time, or we can simply return the money allocated for the handset back to you.

We’re always ready to help

Need support with technology?

GoodCall staff will support implementation and use of your mobile phones and equipment. Our friendly team will be on hand if you experience any problems to help with troubleshooting or training needs. We will use our expertise to build the confidence of you and your team to work with your devices.

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