Digital Service Delivery


What is digital service delivery?

Digital service delivery is when organisations provide their services using digital tools and technology. This can include multiple platforms and devices such as web, mobile and social media. An organisation’s services are the work they do with and for their beneficiaries. Here are some examples of digital service delivery:

  • Providing peer-to-peer support over the phone or via instant messaging
  • Hosting an online event or webinar remotely
  • Designing a website or mobile app to raise awareness and share information
  • Creating campaigns and building a community using social media
  • Using a digital fundraising platform to gather donations.
  • Creating videos and animations to share the impact of your work.

Why is digital service delivery important for the third sector?

The third sector is increasingly looking to digital to deliver projects with impact to adapt their services to changing needs. Digital services allow charities to raise awareness, reach more people, meet unexpected demand and even save money. A major benefit of this is that digital services can be accessed anytime, anywhere – meaning you can connect with your service users when they need it most.

Many organisations have had to rapidly adapt the way they operate, moving many services online or over the phone. Particularly for many smaller organisations, this has meant considering digital service delivery for the very first time. GoodCall has seen a rise in demand for technology to help charities move their services online. However, we think digital service delivery is here to stay.

When your organisation is considering developing a new digital service, it is important to consider the following:

  • Be User Led – When you focus on the needs and skills of your beneficiaries and supporters, this ensures your digital service is fit for purpose
  • Design and Research – Think about how you can design your service to not only be accessible but easy to use – test your design with your users
  • Raise Awareness – Think about creative ways you can raise awareness of your new service and engage your target audience
  • Organisational Capacity – Ensure your organisation has the right skills and knowledge to deliver digital services effectively

What does digital service delivery mean to GoodCall?

Promoting digital service delivery is important to us at GoodCall as we aim to build connectivity for the third sector. We believe that charities can benefit by embracing digital as more than just a fundraising or communications tool, but as a core part of how they reach and support people. Using the right technology can be cost effective and help your charity engage with your users and supporters in new and exciting ways.

Elaine Gray, Charity Engagement Manager says:

“For me, connectivity is at the heart of everything we do! Technology is simply a tool to help us collaborate in new and exciting ways, and I think it’s fantastic that we can support charities to deliver their impact through technology. During this time, it’s been more vital than ever to ensure that organisations have the right tools they need as well as the right support to find a solution that works for them.”

Need some extra help with your tech?

GoodCall are here for you. No question is too big or too small – our friendly team can advise you about the right technology solution for your needs. We’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise so that you can feel confident with your devices.

If you are a charity or social enterprise working with digital, we would love to hear from you. We would love to add your project or resources to the Hub, so get in touch with the GoodCall team here.

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