Braw Tea CIC

How a MiFi device empowers women through digital inclusion for a social enterprise café


In this impact study, we explore the beginning of a new journey for Braw Tea Community Interest Company, a social enterprise café founded by Jackie McKenzie. The organization, based in Broughty Ferry, focuses on empowering women by providing employability opportunities, fostering self-esteem, and building a sense of community for women.


Braw Tea Community Interest Company, established in June 2023, operates as a small social enterprise cafe. Jackie McKenzie, the Director and Founder, emphasises their unique approach, serving as an employability venture for women from diverse backgrounds. The cafe provides a platform for women to gain work experience in areas like hospitality management, cookery, and front-of-house customer service. The beneficiary group includes women referred by the Refugee Council, those new to the city seeking companionship, individuals facing unemployment, and those with mental health challenges and women can self-refer.

Jackie underscores the importance of this initiative, stating, “We’re there just to build a sense of self-worth, self-identity, feeling of doing something that’s worthwhile and giving the women a sense of purpose and community.”


One of the significant challenges faced by Braw Tea CIC was the lack of reliable internet connectivity in their location. Operating in an old building with no Wi-Fi access, Jackie McKenzie grappled with the need for a functioning electronic Point of Sale (ePOS) system to run their cashless organisation smoothly.  “There was no way to get Wi-Fi into that building. We tried every provider. Nobody could provide us with Wi-Fi.”, shares Jackie.

Jackie elaborated on why they went cashless, “We don’t take cash, for safety reasons and to make sure that the women aren’t under any stress in terms of having to cash up if English isn’t their first language or if they are not very numerate. This also meant that we could use an accounting software package that tied into the ePOS, which was an efficient means of keeping on top of sales.”


To address the Wi-Fi challenge, Braw Tea CIC reached out to GoodCall. GoodCall supported the organisation by establishing a MiFi device to run their ePOS system.

Jackie highlighted the start of the relationship as welcoming saying, “GoodCall understood that it was, really important for us to get this up and running – this was critical for the business.”

A MiFi (Mobile Wi-Fi) device is a portable router that connects to a cellular network, providing internet access to multiple devices. This solution ensured the seamless functioning of their cashless approach, contributing to a more efficient operation.

Jackie McKenzie expressed her gratitude, saying, “The MiFi device is what GoodCall came up with in terms of keeping the ePOS system fed and this has solved our problems allowing us to use an ePOS system that integrates with our accounting software.”


The integration of technology, facilitated by GoodCall’s support, had a profound impact on Braw Tea CIC. The ePOS system, coupled with the MiFi device, enabled a streamlined and elegant process for staff and volunteers. This not only enhanced operational efficiency but also contributed to a more positive and empowering experience for the women involved.

Jackie highlights the critical role of digital inclusion in the nonprofit sector, stating, “It’s absolutely critical, and I can see why it’s [GoodCall’s] core value because there’s going to be a huge proportion of the population excluded otherwise, from access to information, access to preferential rates, access to advice and support if they don’t have access to digital services.”


Jackie McKenzie recommends GoodCall to other nonprofit organizations, stating, “The level of customer service, the fact that you are not-for-profit yourselves.  For me, it feels important to be part of a social value ecosystem and that ecosystem is based on collaboration with others who share similar values.”

She concluded “The overall level of customer service and support received from GoodCall has been excellent.”


In conclusion, this impact study illustrates how the collaboration between Braw Tea CIC and GoodCall has not only addressed the immediate technical challenges but has also contributed to the broader goal of empowering women through digital inclusion in the non-profit sector.

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