Project Scotland

Project Scotland had x number of phones and lines with multiple providers and were frustrated at the lack of clairty with their current provider, the length of time it took to ensure the costs were accurate and xyz.

Hannah the FD contact Good Call to provide a quote for upgrades to x phones and a total of x lines.

Hannah had heard about Good Call through word of mouth and was delighted that a social enterprise existed that would understand their needs as a charity and understand the need for low cost, high quality options.

On behalf of Project Scotland Hannah said she chose Good Call because we ‘got’ the charities needs being a social enterprise understand the need for low cost, high quality options.

Hannah said ‘ it was so easy to get started, I got the quote through from Colin, we said yes, completed a form and the new phones and lines were ready within 7 days- so simple and easy to switch.

“Our experience of working with Good Call was so positive, they really know their stuff and found a solution for our conference calling which ultimately saved us £2k per annum.

“We have saved overall through our new handsets, and lines with EE a massive £8k per annum. We are absolutely delighted with that saving”

So what will the team do with the extra savings they are making?
We provide support to young people to find volunteering opportunities, we will be able to use this money to recruit another project worker- its just fantastic, the impact we can now have.

We would highly recommend Good Call for all charities and social enterprises, you get to speak to professionals who understand our charity needs and still provide quality phones at a fraction of the cost we have been paying over the years.

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