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Step One Charity, located in Devon, is a mental health charity dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities and mental health issues. Offering services such as an acute hospital, supported living, community support, HMPPS support, and free mental health training, Step One Charity’s mission is to empower people in Devon to fulfill their potential and live more independently. Andrew Parle, the IT Strategy and Projects Manager at Step One Charity, plays a crucial role in aligning the organization’s IT infrastructure with its mission. Mobile technology assists their charity in recording information such as client notes and appointments. Andrew elaborates more on their mobile needs, “Safeguarding is important, we have staff who work 1-to-1 with clients and it’s important they’re able to check in and report their whereabouts regularly and record any issues straight away.”


Before discovering GoodCall, Step One Charity faced challenges with its mobile hardware and contract setup, lacking the flexibility needed for constantly changing information. Andrew explains, “We had an issue with flexibility previously, we occasionally have staff come and go and changing their details (Name, Label, Cost Centre etc.) with O2 previously was a nightmare and things got out of date, fast.” The need for efficient communication and data recording in the field was hindered by cumbersome administrative processes. They were also enticed with package offers like EU Roaming, International Calls and 5G, that were irrelevant to their actual needs.


Step One Charity sought a more reasonably priced mobile contract that offered better value, flexibility, and a user-friendly billing portal. He discovered GoodCall through organic search and engaged with the team. Elaine from GoodCall demonstrated a deep understanding of Step One Charity’s needs as a non-profit organization. Andrew shared, “I’d been speaking to the regular ‘big’ providers, and they all have the same issue, not listening to what I, the customer, want or need.”

The exploration and audit of Step One Charity’s setup were efficient and effective, leading to a customized quote within hours. Andrew highlighted the responsiveness of GoodCall, stating, “Elaine was fantastic. She listened to what we had, what we needed, and why we were struggling to find it.”

GoodCall’s solution included a new portal that addressed the organization’s need for flexibility. Andrew emphasized, “SIM swaps are easy and fast too through the new portal. Everything I want/need so far has been available through the new portal, no more interacting with O2’s janky old portal!”


The implementation of GoodCall’s solution had a transformative impact on Step One Charity. The new portal streamlined administrative processes, making changes to be done in “seconds”, combined with a reasonable priced mobile contract that meets their needs. Andrew expressed his positive experiences, stating, “The ease of getting the initial scope done with Elaine to having the sim cards delivered” as a key highlight.

Andrew further acknowledged the positive experiences, stating, “It was fantastic, I really felt listened to and that I was working with an organization that had the needs and complexities of working with a charity at the forefront of their minds.” The support from GoodCall was fast and positive, addressing issues promptly. Andrew concluded, “Always been fast and positive when needed.”


Step One Charity enthusiastically recommends GoodCall to other non-profit organizations. Andrew Parle emphasized, “Good prices, good team, and good value” as the reasons behind the recommendation.

He also touched upon the importance of digital inclusion, stating, “Everyone should have an opportunity to have access to the technology of the modern world. As a charity this can be difficult as the costs are often prohibitive, which can be frustrating as charity is often a great place to deploy these expensive technologies.”

In conclusion, GoodCall’s tailored solution and commitment to understanding the unique needs of Step One Charity have positioned the organization for success in utilizing technology to fulfill its mission of supporting individuals with disabilities and mental health issues.

To know more about Step One, their cause, and the impact that they have on their community, please visit their website here:

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