How Being Mobile Ready Can Help Your Non-Profit Stand Out

According to Episerver, one quarter of the UK’s large non-profits still don’t have mobile-responsive websites or apps. Being ahead of the curve with tech could help your organisation stand out from the crowd. This blog will explore how mobile technology is shaking up the ways you as a non-profit operate as well as ways to engage with your beneficiaries and supporters. With smartphone usage at an all-time high your organisation could be missing out on opportunities for increased awareness, engagement and fundraising – all from the comfort of a mobile phone. So why should your charity or social enterprise consider investing?

Meet the changing needs of your organisation and your beneficiaries

We all rely more and more on our phones to plan our lives, connect with others and engage with the causes that mean the most to us. Mobile responsiveness websites or apps can offer your visitors opportunities for meaningful engagement as well as a more interactive brand experience – by making it easier, and faster for users to reach you via handheld devices. Improvements to handsets and systems give your staff and volunteers access to the latest innovations and give them easy and ever more efficient ways to interact with your stakeholders, beneficiaries and supporters – even while on the go.

Connect with a new audience

New research by leading non-profit software provider Blackbaud found that 75% of millennials will use their smartphone rather than a desktop to research the work of charities and fundraising campaigns while 39% used social media to directly connect with non-profits. Therefore, to connect with this new tech-savvy audience your charity presence needs to extend to mobile apps and mobile-agile digital platforms.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the places to be discovered by this audience and offer a way to connect and interact directly via instant messaging apps and mentions.

Fundraising from your mobile phone

Mobile fundraising is experiencing exponential growth and it offers your supporters even easier ways to give – all in one or two taps on their phone. One of the biggest fundraising challenges for non-profits are your supporter’s worries about where their money is going – they want to know this information before they will make a commitment to regular giving.

These fundraising platforms offer a stand-out way to share information the impact of your supporter’s money and so they can know the details of their donations quickly and easily. You could even develop a custom app for your organisation allowing your donors greater control over their giving. This builds trust and could help boost donor retention. Using mobile platforms to promote your fundraising events can also help participants tweet about them or post photos of themselves taking part – quick and quality publicity for your latest project.

Overall, these benefits help to reassure users and ultimately build trust in your organisation – as well as building personal connections with the people you want to support and those who want to support you.

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