EE – Why Coverage and Connection Matters for You

EE is the UK’s biggest 4G mobile network and GoodCall’s preferred partner network. As a customer, you may wonder why we choose to work with EE and in this article we hope to share the real benefits that choosing them as your network provider could have for your charity or social enterprise.

The UK’s Top Performing Network

EE has been named the UK’s top performing network 6 years in a row according to RootMetrics’ UK wide performance tables. This means EE comes top in overall performance, this includes speed, reliability, coverage, calls, texts and data. Coverage is consistently good with Fast or Faster ratings in most areas with very minor patches of slow connectivity in remote coastal and rural areas. Furthermore, the average download speed across the UK comes in at 37.6Mbits/sec, far ahead of their nearest rival network (21.7Mbits/sec).

Controlling your spending

If you’re looking to control your organisation’s spending, EE spend caps helps to make that easier for our non-profit customers. For individual handsets, data usage is capped at your allowance and to use more you must purchase a data add-on for between £5 and £20. This can be restricted within an organisation by an administrator by allowing the ability to block additional data purchases for your fleet.

Deals, products and services

EE provides generous sim-only deals and offers a wide range of other useful products for non-profits such as Wi-Fi calling. You can call and text via Wi-Fi connection in areas where it might be otherwise difficult to get a signal. There are also dedicated EE Signal Boxes that can help boost signal in your location. Like all the major UK operators, EE offers inclusive roaming within the EU plus other states within the EEA and EE’s Europe Zone, as well as other handy add-ons to suit your needs.

Finding the best network for you

As part of our service and cutting-edge analysis, we will check the coverage of EE and alternative networks at your significant addresses. You can rest assured that we will only offer you a network’s proposal if you get a reliable mobile signal from that network. We want to make sure that our customers get the fastest and most dependable connection at a price that fits you.

Overall, if you want the best possible connection, network speeds and best coverage – EE is a great choice for your charity or social enterprise. We are proud to say that EE are our preferred partner. We feel this reflects our commitment to a quality service for all the organisations we support.


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