Why Your Charity Should Invest in Social Enterprise Suppliers Today

Following Social Enterprise Day 2021 on 11 November, we take a look at why your non-profit organisation should invest in social enterprise suppliers and what the key benefits are, not only for your charity but for communities and the environment. When you consider your organisation’s social impact, have you thought about the significant opportunity represented by the suppliers you choose to work with? Increasingly, non-profits and businesses alike are choosing to work with social enterprise suppliers who provide high-quality products and services alongside creating social value for communities of interest. 


A social enterprise is a business model that puts social and environmental impact at the heart of its activities. Did you know your charity can generate and maximise impact through everyday purchasing and utilities? There are social suppliers out there for many of the services your charity uses every day, with new purpose-driven alternatives appearing every day! Here are our top reasons why your organisation should consider working with social enterprise suppliers today:

Social Enterprises are Good for Your Organisation, Your Staff and Volunteers


When your charity chooses a social enterprise supplier, it means you can directly benefit individuals simply by the way you spend money in your procurement process. You can also have accountability across all levels, from your board of trustees to your volunteers, that you are investing your hard-earned funding into a service that shares your common goals. 


You may also find that there is a social enterprise supplier out there whose mission closely aligns with your own and that many suppliers directly return value to the charities they support. When you choose a social enterprise supplier, you are investing in an organisation that puts transparency and accountability at the forefront of doing business, making them a great choice for charities that are building a case for funders and stakeholders. 

Social Enterprises are Good for Social and Environmental Impact


Sally Social Enterprise Day 2021
Our Marketing Coordinator Sally shares that GoodCall are part of a global movement of business for good


Around 70,000 social enterprises are operating in the UK across almost every industry and impact area. Social enterprises are passionate about reinvesting their profits for good, benefitting both people and the planet. Whether you are passionate about a greener future or supporting individuals with disabilities, there will be a social enterprise out there that is committed to the same goals.


Consider the products your organisations use every day as a place to start. Everything from mobile phones, your energy provider down to office supplies and printing. And that’s exactly what one of our fantastic customers, Social Print and Copy CIC is working to do. They provide printing & photocopying technology for charities with transparency, a fair price and create employability opportunities without barriers. They offer environmentally friendly equipment to charities, which helps them reduce their carbon footprint as well as electricity usage. 


Social Enterprises are Good for Communities



Kate Social Enterprise Day
Our CEO Kate Masson shares GoodCall creates employment opportunities for those who need them most

When non-profits make impact focussed suppliers part of their procurement process, they empower communities and create opportunities for vulnerable groups. Many social enterprises focus their social impact locally to where they are based, investing in real communities. 


A fellow social enterprise in the mobile space that we really admire is Cracked It. The smartphone repair service is primarily staffed by young ex-offenders and youth at risk, who get support to boost their skills and access to long-term sustainable employment opportunities. Through these employment opportunities, they promote belonging and self-confidence in the young people they empower. 


As a social enterprise ourselves, we are passionate about getting the message out there about the benefits of ‘buying social’. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating by joining in the #WhoKnew campaign. We are passionate about helping the third sector do good with mobile technology. Check out our blog series for more stories about organisations that are delivering a big impact in their communities. 


At GoodCall, we can support your charity to deliver impact through mobile solutions. We provide bespoke support and advice to help you make the most of your technology. Get in touch with us here or call Elaine on 07535 396 882.

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